DO’s and DON’Ts When Traveling To Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Do visit other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Don’t stay only in the capital, there are many beautiful thing to see in other parts of the country.

Don’t enter any church, Catholic or Orthodox, without covering your shoulders or „half-naked“, it is a symbol of respect. In some Orthodox monasteries you have to cover your head also with a scarf. It is the same for mosques, you can’t even enter the courtyard without being appropriately dressed.


Do try the local food. Whether they live in a city, town or a village, most people prepare food from scratch. Bosnian culinary tradition is such where people are used to eating something homemade. It’s amazing! You have to try it but don’t exaggerate.

Don’t talk about war with local people, no matter in which part of Bosnia and Herzegovina you are. Young people don’t like it and they avoid it. With older people, you could try talking but it is unnecessary because there are more beautiful things to visit and talk about than the war.


Do drink rakija. It is a fruit brandy and it is popular in all countries of Ex Yugoslavia. Rakija is commonly made of plums (sljivovica), but it can be made of many other kinds of fruits. Its alcohol content varies from 40%-80%. This is a kind of a national drink and you have to try it!

Don’t leave your money and baggage unattended. Unfortunately, like in most other countries, there are thieves that will just take your stuff in front of your eyes and run away with them. So, when you are sight-seeing always keep your money and passport with you.


Do go rafting! Bosnia and Herzegovina is well known for its white-water rafting adventures and it is by far the best-developed outdoor activity. Bosnia has four raging rivers that offer professionally guided rafting tours. The Neretva, Vrbas, Una and Tara rivers rank among Europe’s best and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the pristine wilderness that accompanies the ride. – See more at:

Don’t give to anyone alive a bouquet with even number of flowers. In Bosnia and Eastern Europe even number of flowers is carried to funerals.


Do eat cevapi while in Bosnia. Every Bosnian has their own recipe and you’ll find it in every Bosnian restaurant (some spots only serve cevapi). Cevapi is to Bosnia what the hamburger is to America. Cevapi are little rolled beef sausages classically served with bread, diced onion, and kajmak (cream cheese).

Don’t miss visiting these places: Mostar with its Old Bridge, Visegrad with the Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Brigde, Waterfalls on the Una River and the National Park Una and Međugorje – a site of religious pilgrimage. If you visit the country in the summer, you can go and take a break in Neum, the only coastal town in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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